Chauvinist Pig


White Meat


We Don’t Need No Education


Um… can anyone tell me wtf this clearance ESPN decal featuring the University of Wyoming is trying to convey? No matter how I dice it, the connotation is always negative. Well unless it’s trying to imply that UW is so fricken fantastic you’ll never want to graduate, but even then… If you live that dream… Eventually you’ll end up a creep ass career college student playing beer pong in the basement of a trashed rental with all 6 of your male roommates… So, still not exactly gold stars in the plus column. Maybe the ones who never graduated is this marketing department of this ESPN division…

Someone Needs an Ass Chewing

O.C.D. O.D.

The ceiling of this particular bar in Meeteetse, Wyoming was partially adorned with the metal lids of a couple hundred chew cans. It didn’t bug me that the ceiling was only about 1/5 completed, what bugged me was the glaring giant holes right in the middle.

In Progress…


I forgot about this gem, hidden in the depths of my photo album… I came home one night and found this cryptic creation on the kitchen table. Inside a metal tin was a lump of grainy putty stuff (I think it was some kind of metal sculpting clay stuff) surrounded on the outside by 8 rays of tiny magnetic cubes…. When I asked him about it he just told me “I wanted to see what would happen.” Unfortunately, nothing did. Or did it….?

Yellow? Is This Paul Mitchell…?

Yellow, Paul Mitchell?

After scouring the house for an eternity looking for lotion this is all I could come up with… and once I’d schloped it onto my hand I realized why it hadn’t been used. It took me even longer to identify why I found it so offensive. It’s because not only does ‘lemon sage’ smell like a clown’s ass after a birthday party, but it also has the look and feel of honey mustard. Honestly I would have rather had the latter.

No Poon Intended


Thunder Lizard Wizard!


Digging through one of the (many) containers full of random ass rocks I have stashed around my house I discovered this dino~mite specimen, and naturally I couldn’t help but waste an inordinate amount of time fashioning him a beautiful brontosaurus body and some breakfast… heh.