In Progress…


I forgot about this gem, hidden in the depths of my photo album… I came home one night and found this cryptic creation on the kitchen table. Inside a metal tin was a lump of grainy putty stuff (I think it was some kind of metal sculpting clay stuff) surrounded on the outside by 8 rays of tiny magnetic cubes…. When I asked him about it he just told me “I wanted to see what would happen.” Unfortunately, nothing did. Or did it….?


Coworker Creation #2 – Top Notch


So, I discovered this the other day… I spent awhile trying to discern its purpose, even sought the opinion of customers, but we were all clueless. I actually had to ask him what it was for, and wasn’t disappointed by his response. It’s a top. A rather laborious looking construct he insists he created while talking to a customer, so “technically” it was work lol. And as much as I hate to admit it, it’s fairly amusing…

Modern Marvels