Note to Self:


Don’t apply mascara while holding the bottom of the tube and an open bottle of beer in the same hand. Inevitably, your other hand will jam the mascara brush right on down into your bottle of beer, you’re welcome.


WTF Luck?!


wtf luckWhen you drop your lucky coin and it lands right in the face of a spidery-demon-spawn-hell-beast (albeit trapped in a plastic tub) it will make you rethink the name of said coin, and really luck altogether.


Praxis Makes Prefect


praxis makes prefect



If I worked tirelessly on an app to offer on the Google Play Store, I’m pretty sure I’d be certain that my preview pictures showed my labor in the best possible light, but hey, that’s just me, and not Daily Success. ( I kindly refrained from pointing out the obvious tense disagreement, can you spot it?)

Makes Dull, Stupid Animals Better




Perhaps specifying what exactly an item is or does may be helpful to the consumer. In this case the manufacturer neglected to identify this product as a PENCIL sharpener anywhere, which would explain my confusion, and all the blood…





Looking at a section of yellow grass in my backyard

“I’m pretty sure my lawn gets washed everyday.”

Drinking Problem


Drinking Problem

Pine Glo and Mt. Dew look an awful lot alike, no wonder over 3000 people are poisoned with the stuff (Mt. Dew) every year. – Kidding, they use antifreeze, but seriously, everyone should know, Mt. Dew is fricken terrible for you.