Keyboard Key Insanity


I have a hard time grasping the fact that keyboard keys once dislodged are nearly impossible to fix. I suppose impossible is a bit of an exaggeration, but without an inordinate amount of time to waste and an ample light source the task can be down right infuriating. How can three tiny, clearly interlocking pieces of plastic make me feel like a caveman bludgeoning an MRI machine? After discovering my ‘o’ key was magically depressed pretty much full time and was obnoxiously preventing any logins/correct quiz answers I had to take it upon myself to repair the problem. This is not the first time a stupid letter has offended in such a manner, I have seen the silly line of ppppppppppppr4r5pppppf54grwkehypp text before, and I always follow my own list of “trouble shooting. First I slam the stray button down on top of the two little pieces, but the key never attaches. Then I remove the tiny pieces and force them together and try a slide from the top of tiny square of work space approach. Next I yank off adjoining keys to see what makes those little bastards tick. After that I drag my netbook down to a brighter source of light, and then have to figure out why tiny ¬†empty rectangle space is so god damn important to the whole mechanism. 30 minutes later the keyboard is ¬†again functioning. Luckily for my netbook, I like it more than the old Gateway I had, because that bitch just got the ol’ super glue treatment. I must ask why? Why are keyboard buttons so intricate, yet so pathetically simple? It must be so that they can make the clickity clack noise while being able to suck any sense of accomplishment I might have gleaned from fixing the problem.